Carter Center Fellow Almudena Toral at the New Mexico area of the border.  (Photo/Patricia Clarembaux)

Carter Fellow Almudena Toral wins National Headliner Awards for documenting violence against girls dying by suicide in El Salvador

By Will McCollum Carter Center Mental Health Program Intern ATLANTA — When MS-13 gang members killed her husband, the young woman living under the alias María fled to America seeking asylum. It’s just one of the tragic stories about immigrant women as victims of violence documented by 2019-2020 Rosalynn Carter…

Brittny Mejia reporting

What happens to migrant children separated from their families? LA Times’s Brittny Mejia investigates.

Brittny Mejia is a reporter on the Los Angeles Times’ Metro desk and a 2019-2020 Rosalynn Carter Fellow for Mental Health Journalism. This is a lightly edited version of the informal essay Brittny submitted for her fellowship application, republished with her permission. Links have been added for context. Fellowship applications…

Former Fellow Nicolae Ciorogan Featured on Carter Center Website

Former Fellow Nicolae Ciorogan Featured on Carter Center Website

March 18, 2013 A new profile of 2009-2010 Rosalynn Carter fellow Nicolae Ciorogan has been posted to the Carter Center website. This piece features a video on immigrant mental health completed by Ciorogan as part of his fellowship project. This video has been included within the curricula of more than…