Chanté Griffin

United States

Self-employed independent journalist


Chanté Griffin is a journalist and natural hair advocate whose work centers on the intersection of race, culture, and faith. She’s a contributing writer for The Washington Post and Faithfully Magazine. She is also a former contributor for The Root and LA Weekly. In 2019 she became an Emerging Leader Fellow for Arts Religion Culture, an organization that celebrates the intersection of faith, culture, and the arts. In 2021 she became a fellow with the California Arts Foundation to pen her first solo book project, Your Black Neighbor: A Call to Love. As an emerging thought leader, Chantéis regularly interviewed and cited in magazines, newspapers, and podcasts. Her 2019 article “How Natural Black Hair at Work Became a Civil Rights Issue” published in JSTOR Daily, was the first article to provide a comprehensive history of anti-natural Black hair laws in the U.S. Because Chanté believes that the arts can ignite social change and soul transformation, she co-leads two creative communities: the Global Writers’ Group, which provides writers with the space, inspiration, and community needed to birth their literary projects and Spirit & Scribe, an online workshop that explores the intersection of writing craft and spiritual formation.


Reclaiming Themselves: Black Women and Hair Loss