Jonathan A. Davis

United States

Freelance Radio Journalist and Podcast Producer


Benjamin von Sternenfels Rosenthal Grantee for Mental Health Investigative Journalism

Jonathan A. Davis is a freelance radio reporter, producer, and editor. He has worked in newsrooms and on audio series for two public radio stations as well as on a variety of independent podcasts. This includes serving as associate producer on KALW’s feature podcast, The Intersection, the Edward R Murrow Award Winning audio series coming out of the San Francisco NPR affiliate station. During his time as its producer, the series also won San Francisco Press Club’s first place prize for best radio documentary. Beyond Jonathan’s public radio work, he’s also helped develop four independent podcasts from scratch including serving as producer and editor on those series.

Prior to audio journalism, Jonathan worked in a variety of sectors including management consulting, sustainability consulting, financial services, workforce development, philanthropy, and the social justice non-profit world. He works to bring those unique perspectives to the audio he makes.

Prior to working as a radiomaker with KALW, Jonathan was a part of their Summer Journalism Fellowship and training program. He has also reported and produced news features for KPFA, the legendary Pacifica Network outpost in Berkeley, Ca.


A client-focused look at a ketamine-assisted therapy clinic becoming one of the first ever to offer MDMA therapy. A radio documentary looking at the psychedelic renaissance through a clinic and its clients.