Myriam Giselle Vidal Valero

Fellows_0010_Myriam Giselle Vidal Valero
Latin America



Myriam Giselle Vidal Valero began her journalistic career in 2016 as a contributor to Aquí entre nos from the General Directorate of Science Dissemination at the Universidad Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM) and editor of the website, La Jornada en la Ciencia. In 2017, she became a freelance reporter for ¿Cómo ves? scientific magazine. In 2018, she collaborated on Ciencia UNAM, on the radio program La Ciencia que Somos. She began specializing in health journalism in 2018 as a contributor to Medscape en Español. She also won a prize from the Mexican College for Cancer Research that financed long-range journalistic research on cancer, which resulted in her first publication with the New York Times en Español. Read Myriam’s fellowship work:


Mental health of Latin American migrants on the border of Mexico and the United States (joint project with Rodrigo Pérez Ortega).