Radio Stories from Producer Laura Starecheski, 2011-2012 Fellow

December 4, 2013

Radio Producer Laura Starecheski, 2011-2012 Fellow, has recently released three new pieces on schizophrenia and a special on veterans with a focus on mental health.

The first piece, The Hospital Always Wins, is a culmination of Laura’s nine-year relationship with artist Issa Ibrahim that inspired her entry into mental health reporting. She reports on Issa’s experience with schizophrenia: the voices and delusions and what happens after his insanity plea. The hour-long episode was aired on NPR’s State of the Re:Union.

The radio shorts, Dear Voices and Soteria, give further dimension on living and understanding schizophrenia.

Finally, an hour-long special, Coming Home, takes a focus on veteran mental health.

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