Jonathan Davis

2022-23 Benjamin von Sternenfels Rosenthal Grantee Jonathan A. Davis

Jonathan A. Davis is an radio reporter, producer, and editor. He has worked in various newsrooms, on audio series for two public radio stations, and on a variety of independent podcast series. This includes serving as associate producer on The Intersection, the Edward R Murrow Award Winning audio series coming out of…

Christine Herman

Carter Fellow Christine Herman wins PMJA award for fellowship story on child-to-parent violence

By Miriam Pearsall Carter Center Mental Health Program Intern ATLANTA – What began for Christine Herman as an exploration of barriers to mental health treatment for children led to an award-winning national feature on violence inflicted on parents by their own children. Herman’s story, “When Teens Abuse Parents, Shame and Secrecy…


Carter Fellow Deborah Wang wins Gracie and regional Murrow awards for fellowship reporting

By Kari Cobham Senior Associate Director, Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Journalism Fellowships & Media Ask Deborah Wang about the impact of her stories and she’ll talk about helping people feel less alone. “I’ve heard numerous families say, ‘Thank you for writing these stories. This is exactly what my family has…

April Dembosky

KQED’s April Dembosky talks about her gut-wrenching investigation into women with postpartum psychosis who kill their children.

2019-2020 Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Journalism Fellow April Dembosky takes us behind-the-scenes and into her investigation on postpartum psychosis. Her story aired on KQED on February 6, 2020. Read and listen here. It also ran in Mother Jones and the Mother Jones podcast. By Kari Cobham Senior Associate Director Postpartum…


Carter Fellow Deborah Wang shares recommendations for reporting on suicide

2018-19 Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Journalism Fellow Deborah Wang shares recommendations for reporting on suicide from her fellowship training, reporting and research. Deborah is a contributing reporter at KUOW Public Radio and host of the SoundQs podcast. Read and listen to Deborah’s mental health reporting during her fellowship year here….

Former Fellow Katherine Kam speaks up on Asian American Mental Health

November 15, 2013 Katherine Kam, 2012-2013 Fellow, dedicated her Fellowship project to shedding light on the unique issues in mental health for Asian American teens and students. She recently interviewed with host Jenee Darden at Mental Health and Wellness Radio about what pressures and stigmas Asian American youth may experience…

Longitudinal ‘Crack Babies’ Study Yields Unexpected Results

August 1, 2013 In 1989, Hallam Hurt, then chair of neonatology at Philadelphia’s Albert Einstein Medical Center, began studying the long-term health prospects of children born to mothers who had smoked crack cocaine during pregnancy. Despite the popular belief that the fetuses exposed to crack in the womb would become developmentally disabled, Hurt’s study…